Design and Production
Department Courses

Course Code Name
MDP 500 Noise Control
MDP 501 Theory of Machines
MDP 505 Statistical Quality Control (1)
MDP 511 Bulk Materials - Experimental Techniques
MDP 512 Advanced Ceramic Materials
MDP 513 Polymer Materials
MDP 514 Failure Analysis of Mechanical Components
MDP 515 Materials Characterization
MDP 516 Engineering Metallurgy
MDP 517 Materials and Process Selection
MDP 518 Modeling and Simulation of Materials
MDP 519 Light Alloys
MDP 520 Casting Processes
MDP 521 Polymer Processing
MDP 522 Powder Metallurgy
MDP 523 Thermodynamics of Materials
MDP 524 Joining and Welding Processes
MDP 525 Mechanical Behavior of Materials
MDP 526 Introduction to Nanomaterials
MDP 527 Materials and Technologies for Repair of Engineering Components
MDP 528 Optimization of Life Cycle Cost
MDP 530 Computer Aided Mechanical Design
MDP 531 Theoretical Basis for Design
MDP 532 Practical Basis for Design
MDP 534 Advanced Stress Analysis
MDP 535 Reversed Engineering
MDP 540 Production Process Control Technology
MDP 541 Digital Control (1)
MDP 542 Robotics
MDP 543 Mechatronics (1)
MDP 544 Pneumatic and Hydraulic Control (1)
MDP 545 Servo Mechanisms
MDP 546 Automation of Production Lines
MDP 547 Automatic Control of Mechanical Equipment
MDP 550 Metal Forming Processes
MDP 551 Metal Forming Machines
MDP 552 Metal Forming Tools and Accessories (1)
MDP 553 Non Conventional Metal Forming Processes
MDP 554 Metal Forming Dies
MDP 555 Theory of Metal Forming
MDP 556 Product Design & Development
MDP 557 Industrial Innovation
MDP 560 Numerically Controlled Machine Tools (1)
MDP 561 Non-Conventional Machining Processes
MDP 562 Cutting Tool Design
MDP 563 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment for Machine Tools
MDP 564 Computer Aided Manufacturing
MDP 565 Jigs and Fixtures
MDP 566 Theory of Metal Cutting (1)
MDP 567 Machining Processes (1)
MDP 568 Machine Tools (1)
MDP 571 Sensors and Transducers (1)
MDP 572 Measuring Equipment
MDP 573 Dimensional Metrology
MDP 574 Physical Quantity Measurements (1)
MDP 575 Information Theory
MDP 576 Data Acquisition Systems
MDP 578 Advanced Techniques in Measurements (1)
MDP 580 Industrial Organization
MDP 581 Facility Planning and Design
MDP 582 Work Study
MDP 583 Basics of Industrial Engineering
MDP 584 Operations Research
MDP 585 Production Planning and Control (1)
MDP 586 Engineering Economics
MDP 587 Quantitative Approaches to Management
MDP 588 Maintenance Management
MDP 589 Marketing
MDP 590 Process Quality Control
MDP 591 Sampling Inspection
MDP 592 Control Charts
MDP 593 Industrial Statistics (1)
MDP 594 Environmental Quality Characteristics
MDP 595 Legislation and Standardization for Quality
MDP 596 Total Quality Control
MDP 597 Environmental Quality Assessment
MDP 598 Quality Systems
MDP 599 Design of Experiments (1)
MDP 600 Mechanical Vibrations (1)
MDP 601 Selected Topics in Quality
MDP 602 Mechanisms
MDP 604 Advanced Acoustics
MDP 605 Noise and Vibration Control
MDP 606 Advanced Manufacturing Technology
MDP 607 Advanced Machine Design
MDP 610 Advanced Metallurgy
MDP 611 Mechanical Metallurgy
MDP 612 Metallurgical Processes
MDP 613 Composites and Advanced Materials
MDP 614 Materials Engineering of Polymers
MDP 615 Polymer Processing and Recycling
MDP 616 Principles of Materials Thermodynamics
MDP 617 Methods and Techniques of Materials Characterization
MDP 618 Fundamentals of Nanomaterials
MDP 619 Bulk Nano Materials Properties and Chrecterization
MDP 620 Fundamentals of Solidification
MDP 621 Structure and Properties
MDP 622 Simulation of Casting and Welding
MDP 623 Mechanical Behavior of Materials
MDP 624 Modeling and Simulation of Materials
MDP 625 Light Metallic Alloys
MDP 626 Ceramic Materials Properties and Processingا
MDP 627 Powder Metallurgy
MDP 628 Materials Selection,Design and Relationship with Environment
MDP 640 Modern Control Systems
MDP 641 Optimum Control
MDP 642 System Identification
MDP 643 Advanced Techniques in Automatic Control
MDP 644 Digital Control (2)
MDP 645 Mechatronics (2)
MDP 646 Adaptive Control
MDP 647 Pneumatic and Hydraulic Control (2)
MDP 650 Metal Forming Tools and Accessories (2)
MDP 651 Simulation of Metal Forming Processes
MDP 652 Theory of Plasticity
MDP 653 Mathematical Modeling of Metal Forming Processes
MDP 654 Advanced Metal Forming
MDP 657 Computer Applications in Industry
MDP 658 Computer Aided Process Planning
MDP 659 Design for X
MDP 660 CNC Machine Tools (2)
MDP 661 Flexible Production Systems
MDP 662 Advanced Programming Methods of CNC Machine Tools
MDP 664 Theory of Metal Cutting (2)
MDP 665 Manual CNC Part Programming
MDP 666 Machine Tools (2)
MDP 669 Intelligent Visual Inspection
MDP 670 Theory of Measurement
MDP 671 Sensors and Transducers (2)
MDP 672 Geometrical Error Measurement
MDP 674 Physical Quantity Measurements (2)
MDP 675 Advanced Techniques in Measurements (2)
MDP 676 Calibration
MDP 677 Computer Applications in Measurements
MDP 678 Machine Tools Acceptance Tests
MDP 680 Product Safety Management and Engineering (2)
MDP 681 Production Planning and Control
MDP 682 Materials Management
MDP 683 Simulation Modeling
MDP 684 Modeling and Optimization
MDP 685 Human Factors Engineering 'Ergonomics'
MDP 686 Production and Environment
MDP 687 Optimization of Life Cycle Cost
MDP 690 Design of Experiments (2)
MDP 691 Reliability Engineering
MDP 692 Quality Engineering
MDP 693 Quality Control of Service Industries
MDP 694 Industrial Statistics (2)
MDP 695 Statistical Quality Control (2)
MDP 696 Quality Information Systems
MDP 697 Personnel Management
MDP 698 Consumer Behavior Analysis
MDP 699 Total Quality Management
MDP 701 Technical research-1
MDP 702 Technical research-2
MDP P97 Project
MDP P94 Project
MDP P99 Project-2
MDP 558 Product Design and Development
MDP 559 Tools for Sustainability
MDP 529 Materiasl in design and Processing
MDP 510 Design, Materials, Processes
MDP 569 Fundamentals of Operations Management
MDP 577 Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management: Drivers of Competitive Advantage
MDP 579 Introduction to Quality: Control, Assurance and Management
MDP 638 Human Resource Management and Organizational Development
MDP 639 Organizational Behavior
MDP 655 Corporate Finance
MDP 668 Marketing strategies and product realization
MDP 630 Practical application of the methodology of design
MDP 608 Advanced materials to develop products
MDP 609 Modeling and visualization
MDP 633 Creativity in Product Design and Development
MDP 631 Design for manufacturing and assembly and the environment
MDP 656 Modeling & Simulation of Industrial Systems
MDP 663 Lean Manufacturing and Applications
MDP 667 Operations Strategy
MDP 629 Decision Analysis and Risk Management
MDP p95 Project
MDP 673 Work Analysis and Productivity Enhancement
MDP 687 Facility planning and Plant Layout
MDP 706 Agility and Reconfigurable Manufacturing
MDP 632 Reverse Engineering
MDP 703 Polymers and their composites
MDP 705 Functional Surfaces and Coatings
MDP 704 Economic and financial Issues for product development
MDP T95 Applied Research
MDP 638 Human Resource Management and Organizational Development
MDP 707 Production system planning
MDP 689 Production Planning and Control
MDP T94 Applied Research
MDP 634 Advanced Manufacturing Systems
MDP 635 Advanced Factory Operations

Department Programs

no degree
Postgraduate Diploma in Mechanical Design
Postgraduate Diploma in Metalworking
Postgraduate Diploma in Materials Engineering and Manufacturing
Postgraduate Diploma in Metal Forming
Postgraduate Diploma in CNC Machine Tools
Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering
Postgraduate Diploma in Quality Control
Master of Science - Mechanical Engineering- Design and Production
Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering- Design and Production
Postgraduate Diploma in Product Development and Innovation
Master of Engineering in Product Development and Innovation
Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Operations Management
Master of Engineering in Industrial Systems & Operations Management