Mechanical Power
Department Courses

Course Code Name
MEP 500 Transient Combustion
MEP 501 Combustion
MEP 502 Combustion Equipment for Boilers
MEP 503 Measurements Instruments in Furnaces and Boilers
MEP 504 Industrial Furnaces and Boilers
MEP 505 Control the operation of industrial furnaces and boilers
MEP 506 Steam Equipment and Piping
MEP 509 Computer Applications in Furnaces and Boilers
MEP 510 Pump Design (1)
MEP 511 Pipe Networks and Reservoirs
MEP 512 Operation, Maintenance and Testing of Pumps
MEP 513 Pump Selection
MEP 515 Pumping Stations
MEP 516 Pump Design (2)
MEP 517 Corrosion Engineering
MEP 518 Pumping Services
MEP 519 Computer Applications in Pumping
MEP 520 Performance of Industrial Thermal Units
MEP 521 Aerodynamics (1)
MEP 522 Gas Dynamics (1)
MEP 523 Water Turbines
MEP 524 Gas and Steam Turbines
MEP 525 Pumps and Compressors
MEP 526 Control of Pumps and Turbo-Machines
MEP 528 Operation, Maintenance and Testing of Turbo-Machines
MEP 529 Fluid Mechanics (1)
MEP 530 Heat Transfer (1)
MEP 531 Hot and Cold Water Piping Systems
MEP 532 Heat Transfer in Industrial Furnaces and Boilers
MEP 533 Thermal Drying Processes
MEP 534 Preparing Processes
MEP 536 Heat Transfer (2)
MEP 537 Water Treatment for Boiler and Industrial Processes
MEP 539 Refrigeration Cooling Load (1)
MEP 540 Refrigeration Cooling Load (2)
MEP 541 Testing, Adjusting and Balancing of HVAC Systems
MEP 542 Preservation and Freezing Processes
MEP 543 Cooling and Freezing Systems
MEP 544 Control and Safety Equipment in Refrigeration and Air Condtioning
MEP 545 Installation and Maintenance of Refrigeration Systems
MEP 546 Refrigeration and Freezing Applications
MEP 547 Performance & Economics of Refrigeration
MEP 548 Computer Application in Refrigeration
MEP 549 Airconditioning Cooling Load (1)
MEP 550 Airconditioning Cooling Load (2)
MEP 551 Natural and Mechanical Ventilation Systems
MEP 552 Air Distribution Systems in Air Conditioning
MEP 553 Airconditioning Systems and ventilation systems
MEP 555 Installation and Maintenance of Air Conditioning Systems
MEP 556 Airconditioning and Ventilation Applications
MEP 557 Performance and Economics of Airconditioning
MEP 558 Computer Applications in Air Conditioning
MEP 559 Energy and Environment
MEP 560 Solar Energy
MEP 561 Wind Energy
MEP 562 Practical Applications of Renewable Energy
MEP 563 Renewable Energy Sources and Its Environmental Impact
MEP 564 Energy Storage
MEP 565 Sea Wave Energy
MEP 566 Bio-Energy
MEP 567 Thermodynamics (2)
MEP 568 Control of Industrial Furnaces, Boilers and Industrial Processes
MEP 572 Automatic Control in internal combustion Engines
MEP 573 Performance of Internal Combustion Engines
MEP 574 Testing and Calibration of Internal Combustion Engines
MEP 575 Foundations and Vibrations of internal combustion Engines
MEP 576 Steam Power Stations
MEP 577 Gas Turbine and Diesel Engine Power Plants
MEP 578 Nuclear Power Stations
MEP 579 Control and Safety Instruments in Power Stations
MEP 580 Operation and Maintenance of Thermal Power Plants
MEP 581 Project Management
MEP 600 Combustion Engineering
MEP 601 Advanced Thermodynamics
MEP 611 Advanced Fluid Dynamics
MEP 612 Multi-Phase Flow
MEP 613 Water Power Engineering
MEP 614 Unsteady Flow of Fluids
MEP 616 Jet Propulsion
MEP 617 Turbulent Flow
MEP 620 Fluid Mechanics (2)
MEP 621 Aerodynamics (2)
MEP 622 Advanced Trubo-Machines
MEP 624 Gas Dynamics (2)
MEP 630 Heat Transfer By Conduction
MEP 631 Convective Heat and Momentum Transfer
MEP 632 Water Desalination
MEP 633 Boundary Layer Theory
MEP 634 Heat Transfer By Radiation
MEP 671 Energy Measurements in Thermal Plants, Boilers and Industrial Furnaces
MEP 672 Advanced Measurements
MEP 690 Economics of Power Generation
MEP 691 Turbulent Jets and Wakes Flows
MEP 701 Technical research-1
MEP 702 Technical research-2
MEP P99 Project
MEP 692 Renewable energy and its impact on environment
MEP 693 Introduction to computational fluid dynamics

Department Programs

no degree
Postgraduate Diploma in Combustion Engines
Postgraduate Diploma in Air Conditioning and Ventilation
Postgraduate Diploma in Cooling and Freezing Engineering
Postgraduate Diploma in Thermal Power Stations
Postgraduate Diploma in New and Renewable Energy
Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Furnaces
Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Thermal Processes
Postgraduate Diploma in Pump Engineering
Postgraduate Diploma in Turbo-Machines Engineering
Postgraduate Diploma in Control Mechanical Power Equipment
Master of Science - Mechanical Engineering Mechanical power
Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Power