Department Courses

Course Code Name
MEA 510 Fault Finding in Vehicles
MEA 511 Technical Specifications and Tenders Evaluation
MEA 512 Maintenance Engineering
MEA 513 Industrial Safety
MEA 514 Total Quality Assurance
MEA 515 Service Station Planning
MEA 516 Workshop Equipment
MEA 517 Fault Diagnosis of Injection Systems
MEA 520 Automotive Engineering (1)
MEA 521 Automotive Engineering (2)
MEA 522 Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems
MEA 523 Air Pollution
MEA 524 Vehicle Aerodynamics
MEA 525 Braking Systems
MEA 530 Vehicles Design (1)
MEA 531 Testing and Calibration (1)
MEA 532 Testing and Calibration
MEA 533 Mechanical Stresses in Fuel Systems
MEA 534 Automotive Accident Analysis
MEA 535 Reverse Engineering Applications
MEA 536 Vehicle Design (2)
MEA 537 Finite Elements Applications in Vehicles
MEA 540 Fuel Injection Systems (1)
MEA 541 Friction, Wear and Lubrication (1)
MEA 542 Theory of Fuel injection
MEA 543 Fuel Economy
MEA 544 Matching of Fuel Injection Systems
MEA 550 Hoisting and Handling Equipment
MEA 551 Power Generation Equipment
MEA 552 Crushing and Mixing Equipment
MEA 553 Earth Moving Equipment
MEA 554 Loading and Unloading Equipment
MEA 560 Vehicle Control
MEA 561 Car Electronics (1)
MEA 562 Automatic Driving Systems
MEA 563 Safety and Traffic Control
MEA 564 Automation of Diagnostic Process
MEA 570 Transportation Economics
MEA 571 Operation Cost Analysis
MEA 572 Stores Organization and Management
MEA 573 Operational Management and Productivity
MEA 580 Air Cushioned Vehicle
MEA 590 Design of Composite Materials
MEA 591 Composite Materials Fabrication
MEA 610 Maintenance Management
MEA 611 Maintenance, Replacement and Reliability
MEA 620 Theory of Vehicles
MEA 621 Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems
MEA 622 Vehicle Dynamics
MEA 630 Design of Experiments
MEA 631 Measurement Systems
MEA 632 Vehicle Design
MEA 640 Fuel Alternatives
MEA 641 Friction, Wear and Lubrication (2)
MEA 642 Fuel Injection Systems
MEA 663 Car Electronics
MEA 680 Stability of Air Cushioned Vehicle
MEA 701 Technical research-1
MEA 702 Technical research-2
MEA P98 Project-1
MEA P99 Project-2

Department Programs

no degree
Postgraduate Diploma in Control Mechanical Power Equipment
Postgraduate Diploma in Fuel Injection
Postgraduate Diploma in Automotive and Tractors Engineering
Postgraduate Diploma in Operation and Maintenance Management
Postgraduate Diploma in Automotive Engineering
Master of Science - Mechanical Engineering- Automotive Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering Automotive Engineering