Department Courses

Course Code Name
MCT 512 Mechatronic Mechanisms
MCT 513 Advanced Mechanical Design
MCT 514 Industrial Electronics Applications in Mechatronics
MCT 515 Precision Actuators
MCT 516 Embedded Systems
MCT 518 Modern Automatic Control
MCT 519 Nanotechnology Applications in Mechatronics Systems
MCT 610 Design of Mechatronic Systems
MCT 618 Selected Topics in Mechatronics Engineering
MCT 620 Supervisory Control Design of Discrete Event Systems
MCT 621 Motion Control and Servo Systems
MCT 622 Mechatronic Systems Modeling and Identification
MCT 701 Technical research-1
MCT 702 Technical research-2
MCT P99 Project
MCT 617 Embedded Systems
MCT 517 Embedded Systems (1)
MCT 623 Visual Servoing for Mechatronic Systems
MCT 630 Mechatronics in Medical Systems
MCT 631 Biomechatronics
MCT 640 Autotronics
MCT 650 Micro and Nano Mechatronic Systems

Department Programs

no degree
Postgraduate Diploma in Mechatronic Equipment Design
Master of Science - Mechanical Engineering Michatronics Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering Michatronics Engineering