Structural Engineering
Department Courses

Course Code Name
CES 510 Non linear Finite Element Method (2)
CES 512 Dynamics of Structures
CES 513 Theory of Elasticity in Structural Engineering
CES 520 Basic Fundamentals of Engineering Materials
CES 521 Concrete for special applications
CES 622 Quality Control and Assurance
CES 530 Modern Concrete Bridges
CES 531 Prestressed Concrete Structures(1)
CES 632 Special Concrete Structures (2)
CES 541 Site Investigation and Laboratory Testing
CES 542 Soil Structures and groundwater control
CES 543 Ground Improvement
CES 550 stability off Steel Structures (1)
CES 552 Behavior of Steel Structures (1)
CES 650 Stability of Steel Structures (2)
CES 657 Advanced Design of composite constructions
CES 556 Design of Steel Plated Structures
CES 560 Bids and Contracts
CES 662 General Management in Construction Projects
CES 564 Projects Planning and Control (1)(2)
CES 603 Finite Element Programming Methods
CES 610 Theory of Plasticity
CES 611 Wind and Earthquakes Engineering
CES 612 Plates and Shells
CES 613 Finite Element Method
CES 614 Suspension and Guyed Structures
CES 620 Facilities for Renewable Energy
CES 621 Advanced Quality Control Approach for Concrete Structures
CES 629 Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures
CES 626 Advanced Methods for Repair and Strengthening of Structures
CES 524 Testing of Products and Structures
CES 627 Recycling and Reuse of Wastes in Construction Fields
CES 625 Advanced Composite Materials
CES 628 Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue Analysis
CES 631 High Rise Buildings
CES 632 Advanced Analysis of Special Concrete Structures
CES 634 Behavior & Design of Masonary Structures
CES 640 Advanced Soil Mechanics
CES 642 Soil Dynamics
CES 643 Numerical Modeling in Geomechanical Engineering
CES 644 Rock Engineering
CES 645 Advanced foundation Engineering
CES 651 Advanced Design of Steel Bridges
CES 654 Special Steel Structures (2)
CES 652 Behavior of Steel Structures (2)
CES 655 Design of Steel Transmission and Antenna Towers (2)
CES 653 Thin Walled Steel Structures (2)
CES 552 Design of Offshor steel Structures
CES 659 Engineering Economics
CES 660 Resources Management and economic of structure
CES 661 System Analysis For Civil Engineering
CES 663 Productivity in Construction
CES 665 Risk and Safety Management
CES 666 Operations Research and Value Engineering
CES 669 Special Topics in Construction Engineering
CES 673 Construction of Temporary Works
CES 677 Prestressed Concrete (2)
CES 682 Earthquake Structural Dynamics
CES 695 Comprehensive Project
CES 641 Underground Structures
CES 540 Engineering properties of soil
CES 533 Concrete shell Structures
CES 523 Methods of assessment and restoration and rehabilitation facilities
CES 555 Thin Walled Steel Structures (1)
CES 500 Finite Element Method (1)
CES 553 Behavior of Steel Structures (1)
CES 646 Environmental Geotechnique
CES 624 Special tests for products and structures
CES 623 Non-Destructive assessment of concrete structure
CES 620 Concrete Durability
CES 604 Nonlinear Finite Element Method
CES 647 Soil Structures and Groundwater
CES 648 Ground Improvement
CES 656 Design of offshore steel structure
CES 532 The design of special concrete structure
CES 635 concrete for special applications
CES 636 Modern concrete Bridges
CES xx1 Elective course(1)
CES 534 Special Concrete Structures
CES xx2 Elective course(2)
CES xx3 Elective course(3)
CES 633 Skin Concrete Structures 2
CES 522 Principles of buildings physics

Department Programs

Technical Diploma in Geological Engineering and Geoenvironmental
Technical Diploma in Earthquake Risk Management
no degree
Postgraduate Diploma in Structural Engineering
Postgraduate Diploma in Foundations and Geotechnical Engineering
Postgraduate Diploma in Construction Project Management
Master of Science - Civil Engineering - Structural Engineering
Master of Science - Earthquake Risk Management
Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering- structural Engineering