Irrigation and Hydraulics
Department Courses

Course Code Name
CEI 501 Hydrodynamics
CEI 502 Hydraulic Engineering
CEI 503 Open Channel Flow (1)
CEI 504 Sediment Transport (1)
CEI 505 Hydraulics of Pipelines
CEI 506 Advanced Engineering Hydrology
CEI 507 Groundwater Hydrology (1)
CEI 508 Surface Water Hydrology (1)
CEI 509 Water Resources Engineering
CEI 510 Information Systems and Water Resources Management (1)
CEI 511 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
CEI 512 Advanced Irrigation and Drainage Engineering (1)
CEI 513 Modern Irrigation Systems and Management and Maintenance of Irrigation
CEI 514 Hydraulic Structures (1)
CEI 515 Dams Engineering (1)
CEI 516 Coastal and Harbour Engineering
CEI 517 Ocean Wave Mechanics and Basics of Shore Changes Processes
CEI 518 Inland Navigation
CEI 519 Water Environment Engineering and Water Quality
CEI 520 Environmental Impact Assessment of Water Resources Projects
CEI 521 Coastal Environment Engineering
CEI 521 Topics in Water Resources Management and Environment
CEI 522 Topics in Hydraulics Engineering and Water Structures
CEI 523 Topics in Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
CEI 524 Topics in Harbour and Coastal Engineering
CEI 525 Project
CEI 526 Basics of Water Quality
CEI 527 Experimental Fluid Mechanics
CEI 528 Hydrometry
CEI 529 Engineering Hydraulics Laboratory
CEI 530 Advanced Drainage Engineering
CEI 531 Pump Station Engineering
CEI 532 Management And Maintenance of Irrigation Projects
CEI 601 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
CEI 602 Topics in Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics
CEI 603 Advanced Hydraulics
CEI 604 Open Channel Flow (2)
CEI 605 Hydraulic and Environmental Modeling
CEI 606 Sediment Transport (2)
CEI 607 River Engineering
CEI 608 Hydrologic Systems Analysis
CEI 609 Survace water Hydrology (2)
CEI 610 Ground Water Hydrology (2)
CEI 611 River Nile Hydrology and hydro politics
CEI 612 Management and Economics of Water Resources
CEI 613 Information Systems and Water Resources Management (2)
CEI 618 Advanced Irrigation and Drainage Engineering (2)
CEI 622 Hydraulic Structures (2)
CEI 623 Dams Engineering (2)
CEI 624 Tunnels Engineering
CEI 625 Pump Stations and Hydropower Engineering
CEI 626 Wave Hydrodynamics
CEI 627 Sediment Process and Environmental Engineering in Coastal Zones
CEI 628 Port and Marine Structures
CEI 622 Marine Offshore Structures
CEI 631 Numerical Models in Hydraulics and Water Resources
CEI 632 Hydroinformatics
CEI 630 Stream Pollution Control
CEI 701 Technical research-1
CEI 702 Technical research-2
CEI 534 Statistical Methods In Water Resources
CEI 533 Computational methods in hydraulic engineering
CEI 614 Participation in water resources management
CEI 615 Water resources management strategy in Egypt
CEI 616 Water, Energy, Food security and climate change Nexus
CEI 617 Disasters, Environmental and Risk reduction
CEI 619 Planning and Hydraulic analysis of portable water network
CEI 620 Planning and Hydraulic analysis of sewage collection network
CEI 621 Irrigation of green areas and belts in Urban Zones
CEI 629 Integrated Sustainable Coastal Development

Department Programs

no degree
Postgraduate Diploma in Water and Environmental Resources
Master of Science - Civil Engineering- Irrigation and Hydraulics
Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering Irrigation and Hydraulics