Department Courses

Course Code Name
ARC 502 Report Writing
ARC 503 Human Sciences
ARC 504 Computer Applications
ARC 506 Project
ARC 521 Environmental studies
ARC 522 Lighting in Buildings
ARC 523 Thermal Environment in Buildings
ARC 524 Building Acoustics
ARC 525 Economic Energy Techniques in Buildings
ARC 527 Infrastructure Works
ARC 531 Housing and Urban Studies
ARC 532 Project Construction Programs
ARC 533 مPrinciples and Basics of Handing Over Constructed Work
ARC 534 Operation and Maintenance of Building Facilities
ARC 535 Evaluation of Projects after Occupancyل
ARC 541 Studies in Project management & Development
ARC 542 Urban Upgrading
ARC 543 Housing Studies
ARC 544 Low Income Housing
ARC 545 Post Occupancy Evaluation of Housing Projects
ARC 601 Scientific Methodology
ARC 605 Humanities in Architecture
ARC 614 Architecture and Art
ARC 612 The Arab Contemporary Architecture
ARC 621 Fundamentals of Energy Conservation
ARC 624 Environmental Impacts of Projects
ARC 625 Advanced Technical Installations
ARC 626 Architectural Restoration
ARC 641 Feasibility Studies of Architectural Projects
ARC 642 Management of Architectural Projects
ARC 643 Management of Performance Evaluation of Buildingsntenance of Buildings
ARC 644 Value Engineering
ARC 651 specialist studies
ARC 652 Upgrading of Historical Sites
ARC 653 Community Participation
ARC 635 Housing Policies & Strategies
ARC 655 Housing in Developing Countries
ARC 701 Seminars
ARC 657 Seminar 2
ARC 702 Scientific Research in Architecture
ARC 703 Philosophical Investigations in Architecture
ARC 511 Studies in history, theory and criticism
ARC 603 Architectural Computing
ARC 602 Survey Design and Statistical Analysis
ARC 604 Specialized studies
ARC 613 Conservation and Regeneration of Historical Sites
ARC 611 Contemporary Architectural Thought
ARC 615 Parametric Design and Fabrication
ARC 616 Interactive and Responsive Architecture
ARC 618 Management Strategies for Rural Development
ARC 622 Thermal and Daylighting Performance in Buildings
ARC 623 Architectural Acoustics and Aural Architecture
ARC 631 Urban Studies
ARC 632 Urban Crises in Third World Countries
ARC 633 Housing Economics and Finance
ARC 634 Community Participation in Housing planning & Upgrade
ARC 636 Urban Legislation and Coding Theory
ARC 637 Post Occupancy Evaluation for Housing Projects
ARC 638 Urban Humanities
ARC 639 Computer Applications in Housing and Urban Design
ARC 645 Building Information Modeling
ARC 704 The philosophy of 'behavior-environment' Research

Department Programs

no degree
Postgraduate Diploma in Building Science Engineering
Postgraduate Diploma in Management and implementation of architectural and urban projects
Postgraduate Diploma in Housing and Urban upgrading
Master of Science - Architecture
Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture