Urban Planning
Department Courses

Course Code Name
UPL 601 Advanced Spatial Analysis
UPL 628 Quantitative Analysis
UPL 607 Urban Conservation
UPL 640 Urban Upgrading of Informal Areas
UPL 627 Project Management
UPL 629 Regional Planning
UPL 636 Urban Governance
UPL 638 Urban Planning in Third World Countries
UPL 619 Management of Heritage Sites
UPL 641 Waterfront Development
UPL 622 Marketing for Urban Development
UPL 624 New Urban Communities
UPL 632 Strategic Environmental Assessment
UPL 623 Modeling and Simulation
UPL 602 Cities in the Age of Globalization
UPL 630 Research Methodology
UPL 618 Landscape: Theory and Practice
UPL 633 Sustainable Urban Development
UPL 639 Urban Planning: Theory and Practice
UPL 635 Urban Design: Theory and Practice
UPL 603 City Vision and Strategic Planning
UPL 604 Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation
UPL 605 Construction and Tender Documents
UPL 606 Contemporary Trends in Urban Planning
UPL 607 Ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction
UPL 608 Eco-Tourism
UPL 609 Eco-Urban Design
UPL 610 Energy Conservation and the Built Environment
UPL 611 Environment and Human Behavior
UPL 612 Environmental Impact Assessment
UPL 613 Feasibility Studies
UPL 614 Green Communities
UPL 615 Hillside Development
UPL 616 Housing Studies
UPL 617 Landscape urbanism
UPL 620 Management of Urban Environment
UPL 621 Management Strategies for Rural Development
UPL 625 Participatory Planning and Natural Resources Management
UPL 626 Place Making
UPL 631 Selected topics in Urbanism
UPL 634 Urban Conservation
UPL 637 Urban mobility in Contemporary Cities

Department Programs

no degree
Postgraduate Diploma in Urban Planning
Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Studies
Postgraduate Diploma in Urban Design
Master of Engineering - Environmental Studies
Master of Science - Urban Planning and Environment
Doctor of Philosophy in urban planning
Master of Science - Urban Design and Landscape