Computer and Systems Engineering
Department Courses

Course Code Name
CSE 501 Systems Engineering
CSE 502 Control Systems (1)
CSE 504 Industrial Process Dynamics
CSE 505 Measurement Systems
CSE 510 Selected Topics in Control and Systems Engineering
CSE 511 Signal Processing
CSE 512 Control Systems (2)
CSE 514 Computer Applications in Control
CSE 515 Computer Controlled Systems
CSE 520 Digital Control
CSE 521 Industrial Process Control
CSE 522 Distributed Control Systems
CSE 523 Robot Systems
CSE 524 Systems Modeling and Simulation
CSE 525 Real-Time Industrial Systems
CSE 526 Microprocessor Industrial Applications
CSE 527 Advanced Control Systems
CSE 528 PC-Based Laboratory Automation
CSE 530 Software Engineering
CSE 531 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CSE 532 Data Structures and Algorithms
CSE 533 Operating Systems
CSE 536 Multimedia Systems
CSE 537 Programming Languages
CSE 538 Systems Analysis and Design
CSE 539 Information Systems
CSE 608 Advanced Software Engineering
CSE 542 Computer Networks (1)
CSE 543 Computer Networks (2)
CSE 544 Network Applications
CSE 545 Computer Network Management & Security
CSE 546 Multimedia Networks
CSE 548 Design of Compilers
CSE 549 Selected Topics in Computer Engineering
CSE 550 Computer Interfacing and Peripherals
CSE 551 Knowledge Engineering
CSE 553 Database Systems
CSE 554 Computer Graphics
CSE 555 Microprocessor Systems
CSE 556 Computer Architecture
CSE 557 Digital Video Processor
CSE 558 Local Area Networks
CSE 600 Theoretical Foundation of Computer and Systems Engineering
CSE 601 Modeling and Simulation
CSE 602 Artificial Intelligence
CSE 610 Systems Modeling and Identification
CSE 611 Real-Time Computer Control
CSE 612 Stochastic Process Control
CSE 613 Microprocessor-Based Systems
CSE 614 Robots and Manipulators
CSE 615 Intelligent Control Systems
CSE 616 Neural Networks and Their Applications
CSE 617 Digital Image Processing
CSE 618 Pattern Recognition
CSE 619 Selected Topics in Control and Systems Engineering
CSE 620 Advanced Computer Architecture
CSE 621 Expert Systems
CSE 622 Advanced Computer Networks
CSE 623 Computer Graphics and Visualization
CSE 624 Distributed Database Systems
CSE 625 Distributed Operating Systems
CSE 626 Natural Language Understanding
CSE 627 Computer and Network Security
CSE 628 Computer Network Management
CSE 629 Selected Topics in Computer Engineering
CSE 630 Virtual Reality
CSE 631 Distributed Multimedia Systems
CSE 632 Advanced Programming Languages
CSE 633 Quantum Computation and Communication
CSE 634 Digital Video Processing
CSE 635 Advanced Operating Systems
CSE 638 Biometrics
CSE 639 Computational Biology
CSE 640 Digital VLSI Systems
CSE 641 Digital Systems Testing
CSE 642 CAD for Digital Circuits
CSE 643 Embedded Computer Systems
CSE 644 Parallel Computer Systems
CSE 645 Cluster Computer Systems
CSE 701 Technical research-1
CSE 702 Technical research-2
CSE P98 Project (1)
CSE P99 Project (2)
CSE 637 Biomedical Engineering
CSE 599 Project

Department Programs

no degree
Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Controlled Systems
Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Process Control
Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Engineering
Postgraduate Diploma in Software Engineering
Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Networks
Master of Science - Electrical Engineering - Computers&systems Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering - computers&systems Engineering