Master of Engineering in Resource Efficient Cities
Interdisciplinary Program Courses

Course Code Name
REC 601 City System and Urban Metabolism
HUM 631 Resources Economics and Management
HUM 641 Regulations and Institutions
HUM 651 Research Design and Methodology
CEI 641 Water Management
REC 602 Integrated Project
EPM 662 Energy Management
CEP 695 Waste Management
UPL 652 Urban Agriculture
UPL 653 Sustainable Urban Mobility
UPL 654 Sustainable Urban Form
ARC 662 Resource Efficient Buildings
UPL 656 Smart Cities
HUM 633 Regional Development and Circular Economy
ARC 664 Life Cycle Assessment
REC 603 Applied research
ARC 521 Environmental Studies
ARC 531 Housing and Urban Studies
ARC 541 Studies in Project management & Development
UPL 633 Sustainable Urban Development
UPL 655 Urban Ecology and Landscape
MDP 631 Industrial Metabolism
HUM 621 Governance and Participation
HUM 632 Public Services Provision
UPL 659 Geographic Information System (GIS) and Spatial Analysis
UPL 660 Empirical Social Research
EPM 663 Energy flows in Building and Urban Areas
EPM 664 Renewable Energy Technologies Modeling
CEI 642 Water Networks Modeling
CEI_519 Water Environment Engineering and Water Quality

Interdisciplinary Program Degrees

Master of Engineering in Resource Efficient Cities
Preparatory level in REC